The Exploratorium’s infamous Tactile Dome through the years.

The exhibit, an interactive experience through total darkness, is encased in a geodesic dome about the size of a large weather balloon. The purpose is to disorient the sensory world so that the only sense the visitor can rely on is touch. After 42+ years at the Palace of Fine Arts, it is moved along with the rest of the Exploratorium, to Pier 15 in San Francisco.  Images are:

1) Circa 1996 
2) Last look before leaving the Palace of Fine Arts
3) Ghost footprint left after the Tactile Dome is removed from the PFA
4) New makers of the Tactile Dome layout at Pier 15 
5) Rendering of new Tactile Dome at Pier 15.

The new Tactile Dome will be ready for visitor crawl-throughs this summer, 2013. More info on the Tactile Dome at